Domestic Drain Repair and Drain Relining

Domestic Drain Repair and Drain Relining
As domestic and commercial drainage specialists, here
at Vantage Drain Services we are experts in drain
repairs and drain relining. With a fully approved and
certified NADC team in place, we have years of
experience dealing with any problems linked to cracked
and damaged drains around your home.
It is imperative you seek us out immediately if you’re
suffering any issues, as leaving a cracked drain
untended can result in leaks, flooding or even a
collapsed drain – and not to mention a costly bill when
you finally get around to having them repaired.
Blocked pipes create an enabling environment for
bacteria and other germs to thrive. Leaving your pipes
clogged and unattended can lead to health
complications such as infections and diseases. One
must take urgent steps to keep pipes and drains clean
and in optimal working condition.
We understand it may not be that simple to diagnose a
leaking or bust pipe without prior knowledge into what
exactly it is you’re looking for. Therefore, we’ve listed a
few tell-tale signs to keep you on the lookout to allow
you to be a little better prepared if such an issue was to
Firstly, your sink, shower, bath or toilet may be draining
slower than usual – or maybe not at all, while an
unusual foul odour often begins to linger in the air. You
may also hear odd gurgling sounds coming from your
drains, plug holes, toilet and pipes. But fear not, the
good news is that, with the latest equipment on the
market, we’ll get things back up and running in no time –
and all within a cost-effective manner.
At Vantage Drain Services, we are manufacturer
approved installers – and we offer a 10-year
manufacturer guarantee on every Pipe Doctor patch
liner installed, so you can rest safe in the knowledge you
won’t be faced with any unsuspecting draining troubles
in the near future.
Over the years, we have been developed our
techniques and invested in the very best technology
available to tackle drain relining and repairs. Working
throughout Yorkshire, including our main ports of call
Halifax and Huddersfield, plus Greater Manchester and
beyond, we have created a loyal following with many
happy customers leaving rave reviews across our social
media outlets.
With a team of skilled engineers at your disposal, there
really is no job too big or too small. One of our stellar
services is pipe lining, a technique which involves
placing a new sleeve inside the existing damaged drain,
patching the crack or damage from within the drain itself
and avoiding the need for excavation.
In order to achieve our goal, a resin drain lining is
installed which then bonds to the inside of the existing
pipe before being hardened via UV light or heat to leave
the pipe strong and looking as good as new. Essentially
creating a new pipe inside the old one, this technique
can be used on pipes ranging from 100mm to 1,500mm
in diameter.
This innovative non-dig procedure is perfect for
homeowners who may be worried that their driveways or
back gardens will have to be dug up. It’s a revolutionary,
cost-effective procedure which is relatively non-intrusive
and can be done in a quick timeframe to prevent turning
your life upside down and disrupting your home life.
Ambient cured lining and heat cured lining are two of the
most popular methods within the drain repair industry –
and these two techniques of drain lining repair and drain
relining allow us to tackle any issues we are faced with.
At Vantage Drain Services, we offer both patch repair
and excavation as a drain repair technique. Depending
on the size and extent of the damage to your drain, we
can help make sure that you have the right solution to
provide a sturdy repair, whether that is ambient, heat
cured lining or a full excavation and replacement.
No-dig relining is our go-to drain pipe repair method for
repairing most defects, allowing us to work our magic
and fix the interior of your damaged pipe without
needing to dig anything up, cutting costs and saving
time. However, we also offer a wider range of repairs,
including traditional excavation in cases where this is
the only option, such as a completely collapsed drain.
We’ve got you covered no matter what the issue.
And to make sure we get to the root of the problem we’ll
use advanced CCTV survey technology to scan the
inside of your drains to look for any signs of damage,
cracked pipes or collapsed drains. Using the highresolution images our cameras provide, we will be able
to recommend the best solution for your drainage
We tackle domestic or commercial projects of any size
and scale. In order to complete the task at hand in a
timely manner and to the highest standard possible,
we’ll firstly plan the project, as well as manage and
provide drain repairs in a way that keeps disruption to a
minimum and gets your drainage pipes back in perfect
working order ASAP. And we’ll never go over on your
specific budget. Plus, we can advise of any additional
work required, such as CCTV drain surveys – but we’ll
run through everything prior to booking you in.
We aim to find the perfect project to match your budget
and get you back on track in not time. To find out more
about our drain repair and relining services, or any other
services we offer, give us a call

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