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Drain Repairs Delph Oldham


Drain Repairs Delph Oldham

Drain repairs are the only solution when all other options have been exhausted, sometimes the only option left to resolve a drainage issue is to conduct a drain repair excavation.

For the drain repairs to be done this means gaining open access to the connecting drain, so the full extent of the issue can be resolved.

Wherever possible VDS look for alternative solutions to excavating areas, but there are some instances where it is unavoidable.

VDS will first conduct CCTV drain surveys and High pressure water jetting to identify the cause of the problem.

We ensure minimal disruption is caused to your home or business, using our experience to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

We have transparent labour only hourly rates for all excavation drain repairs so you know what your paying from the get go for labour, materials, waste and any specialist equipment needed is charged as an extra to you and at cost.

We no longer quote for drain repair work due to us unknowing exactly how long it will take to complete the drain repairs and re-instatement.

1 man from £90ph

2 man team from £110

3 man team from £130


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