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Rats In Your Drains

Rats have some unique ways of entering into a home to find food and shelter. You do not want to hear this, but it is important to know that rats can not only live in drains but also use drains to enter and exit a home or business any time of the day or night. With this in mind, are there any plumbing services or equipment that can tell if drains are infested with rats?

CCTV Drain Surveys for Rats

If you suspect that your drainage system is harboring rats, a CCTV drainage survey is a great way to inspect your drainage system to both discover if rats are present and to find out how they are accessing your drains. This procedure is certain to discover the presence of rats in drains. 

Complete Drainage Pest Control Service

We work in partnership with Crest Pest Control a local pest control company so we can offer you a complete pest control solution for getting rid of rats and other pests that may be entering your home via drains and other access points.

How Can Rats Be Removed From My Drains?

Once a CCTV survey has been carried out, there are numerous options available to you for getting rid of the rats and fixing any broken drains, as well as preventative measures to keep them out.

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